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Using the Database

1. Find the talk you want by either browsing or by using our search engine.
2. Click on Details
3. Choose to either download the audio or video, or to stream it by clicking the link under "Play Audio" or Play Video" There are also written transcripts for select talks.
4. Streaming is best viewed using Internet Explorer browser, others such as FireFox and mac users may experiance difficulty.
5. If streaming video stops during talk, it is most likely buffering. Wait a few moments and click the play button again if it does not start up        automatically. If  for some reason the talk does not continue or has an error in it. Email us about it at, make sure you include the file number and the media type (audio/video, streaming/download).
Please note:
On certain computers the files that say download will appear to stream.  Be aware that they are in fact downloading and that they may stop and buffer from time to time because of this. If you wish to just watch the video, click on the links that say "Stream Video" instead. Insh'Allah all our new video streams will be optimized with google video and should stream without buffering too much.